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Stepping Stone seeks to partner with and acquire general dental practices throughout Wisconsin from dentists who are seeking a transition that preserves private practice by honoring their legacy, providing stability for their teams, and providing continuity of care for their patients. We offer dentists the opportunity to sell and retire from their practice without taking on the financial and recruiting risks involved with a typical transition.

Our Commitment

  • Transition that meets and achieves your timing and goals
  • Competitive valuation
  • 100% cash at closing
  • No recruiting risk
  • Influence hiring the successor doctor
  • An honest and transparent sale process
  • Transition plan for your team

Want to learn more about transitioning your practice? Contact Brian Lambrecht, Director of Acquisitions & Finance, to have a confidential discussion. 608-709-8323 |

See What our Selling Doctors Have to Say

Constantine Stamatelakys, DDS

"I sold my periodontal practice to Stepping Stone Dental Partners in 2013.  At that time, Dr. Eddie Morales, a new associate who was mutually agreed upon, was introduced to the office while I continued to practice. This has proven to be an outstanding way to transition my career. 

When I was considering the sale of the practice, there were several things that were important to me:  professional and clinical autonomy, maintenance of a fee for service practice, and administration of the office that created value for both the patient and the practice. Having patients experience the quality of care and personal treatment that they were used to was foremost in my mind.

The transition has met--and in many cases--exceeded my expectations.  If someone is looking to start a practice or is nearing the end of their career, I highly recommend they consider Stepping Stone Dental Partners."

Delp S. Schafer, DDS

"I would like to thank the team at Stepping Stone, especially Tim, Brian and Terri for all the help with the sale of my practice and the smooth transition of my patients. It has been a pleasure working with this company, as they proved to do all that was promised and beyond."

Jack Stellpflug, DDS

"As a solo practitioner it is scary to think about the eventual sale of one’s practice. Who might be interested? How will they treat my loyal patients?  What might they be willing to pay? When an opportunity presented to sell my practice to a cross-town practice I was interested. When I learned that the sale would be facilitated by Stepping Stone, I was a bit concerned about what it might be like dealing with ‘suits’.

Early on in the negotiations it became apparent that the process would go well. Discussions were consistently amicable. The final terms seemed too easy to define. I was happy with the final offer.  Even the seemingly small details like transferring phone numbers and web domain were not a burden. Confidentiality during the negotiations was impeccable. They even threw me a great retirement/transition party where I spent the evening having people say nice things about me all evening!

A definition of a proper transaction is one in which both the buyer and seller can walk away feeling gratitude. That was my experience with Stepping Stone."

Jeff Zander, DDS, FASDC

"I completed the sale of my solo practice to Stepping Stone Dental Partners in April of 2016.  Several months later, I can honestly say that the relationship with Stepping Stone Dental Partners has been the perfect solution to the anxiety associated with transitioning my professional career.

At age 64, I was just beginning to consider options for finding an associate, arranging for financing details, and transitioning my patients and staff to a new dentist. Several of my dental school classmates had stories of incompatible associates and broken financial agreements, leaving the retiring dentist back working. I wasn’t looking forward to the task.

Stepping Stone offered me a generous purchase price for my practice which was paid on the day that we signed the final agreement. I continue to work for the practice while they search for a dentist to transition the practice to. They support the administrative and management of the practice while I do the dentistry that I love to do, without the encumbrances of running a small business. My staff is delighted to know that their jobs will continue beyond my tenure.

The Stepping Stone Dental Partners team is a dream to work with – professional, flexible, reasonable and honest.

This is a genuinely well-run organization. The Stepping Stone business model is the ideal way to happily end a professional career."

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