Shared Services

Through the creation of our shared services platform, Stepping Stone supports its dentists and teams with the strength and economies of a large group, while protecting clinical autonomy and patient relationships which are the hallmark of community based practices. Our shared services platform seeks to consolidate services and vendor relationships where scale and efficiency make a difference, but don't infringe on personal choice and daily operations. Beyond these functions, we believe deā€centralized management of the practice is essential to the delivery of quality care, placing the decisions and control in the hands of the dentist.

Shared Services include:

Leadership Development & Support

As a partner dentist and aspiring owner, learning to manage a small business takes time and adds pressure to an already full treatment schedule. Each dentist has their own level of management and leadership experiences and will engage Stepping Stone at different levels. Stepping Stone provides operational and management support to ensure systems are in place to manage the business. Through our Practice Development Team and Leadership Program our partner dentists are coached and mentored into an empowered leadership position with ongoing support from Stepping Stone.

HR & Recruiting

Recruiting and hiring talented dental team members can be a time-consuming challenge. With access to our network of partner dentists and professional contacts, we bring top candidates to you along with hiring guidelines and support for all positions in the office. In addition, we provide support for performance reviews, salary discussions, disciplinary actions and terminations. Building, supporting and managing your team is critical to your success, we are here to help and empower you to manage your team and office.

Purchasing Support

We've negotiated with clinical suppliers, labs and other vendors to help you save costs, increase profitability and save time. This does not restrict individual choice, but creates cost savings at competitive rates across the affiliate portfolio, providing the broader purchasing power of a large group with individual purchasing decisions made by you.

Insurance Networks

We continually evaluate the local employer and competitive landscape in your community to assist with insurance network selection and negotiation. Assessing which insurance networks your practice should participate with and at what program level, as well as assisting in setup and negotiation, is paramount to success.

Payroll & Benefits

Our streamlined payroll and benefits administration system lets you focus on patients and your team while we take care of the rest, including payroll administration and processing, personal time off, health insurance, voluntary insurance benefits, 401K, vacation, flex spending programs, maternity leave, FMLA requests and overtime, as well as professional and general liability insurance.

Accounting & Finance

Banking, accounting, financial reporting, practice metrics, taxes and accounts payable are all prepared and handled by Stepping Stone. Accounts receivable is managed at the practice level to maintain personal and local dialogue with patients and insurance providers. Financial statements and metrics are shared and reviewed monthly with our partner dentists to keep them well informed of their progress and to guide their management decisions.

Facility Management

Whether its design and construction management for remodeling or expansion projects, lease negotiations or landlord discussions, facility management is taken care of by Stepping Stone with input and decisions handled together with our partner dentists.

Stepping Stone Dental Forums

In addition to our practice development and shared services platform, all dentists and team members are given access to Stepping Stone's Dental Forums, a community of fellow and senior clinicians for sharing best practices as well as mentorship opportunities.

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