Our Approach

Transition into private practice at your own pace

As a transition and practice development partner Stepping Stone provides its partner dentists and retiring dentists an opportunity to transition in and out of private practice on established terms with transitional and operational support. We acquire practices from dentists with long standing community based practices and a strong and loyal patient base. By removing the ambiguity surrounding the transition process, we provide an opportunity for our partners dentists to ease into practice ownership without bearing the front-end financial or operational risks typically associated with acquiring or starting a private practice.

Develop your practice through the Stepping Stone Leadership Program

At Stepping Stone, our model is not to manage practices, but to enable and empower our dentists to be self-managed. Our Leadership Program gives our partner dentists an interactive guide to making their vision a reality. Each dentist develops their own brand and gathers valuable patient experience, transitioning to more modest ongoing support from our Practice Development Team once self-sufficient.

Take ownership when you feel ready

As a partner dentist with Stepping Stone you can choose your path to ownership. You will have the option to pursue ownership through various ownership plans that best suit your financial and professional goals. We work closely with our partnering dentists to plan and implement a path to ownership and timeline that feels right for them.

Are you an aspiring owner or selling dentist looking to transition in or out of private practice? Learn more about partnering with Stepping Stone.

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